Day four + Stewart

Today’s yoga session was all about awareness, specifically awareness of my feet. I tend to forget about my feet, choosing instead to focus on my breathing and relaxing my neck (I’ve never been good at relaxing my neck, much to the chagrin of numerous dance teachers). But today I tried to really focus on my poor feet, being sure to plant them firmly in standing poses, to not scrunch my toes in balancing poses, and to keep them active and flexed during floor work. Phew! That was a lot of foot mindfulness. It did pay off though – I felt stronger in my standing forward bends, for instance. Another yogarific day.

In non-yoga related news, I recently purchased a basil plant. Now before you start fearing for Stewart’s life, you should know that Percy is thriving. He’s doing just splendidly. And he has two other friends who also seem to be enjoying life as a plant at Ezmy’s: Violet (a small, purple African violet) and Walter (a yellow-spotted plant of some kind). Hopefully Stewart will feel equally at home.

(You’re wondering why I didn’t mention Edmund, aren’t you. Hmpf. Well, Edmund survived more than one year. And he isn’t dead…per se. He is, however, a little worse for wear. He currently resides on the balcony, so as not to depress the other plants. Also, I think the weather might be more his speed here. We shall see…)

Anyway, I’m going to try my hand at herbs again. Starting with Stewart and hopefully moving on to Rosemary. Fingers crossed.


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