august 29: edmund gets a friend

I’ve been so busy trying to get what I want that I’ve been neglecting to write about my day beyond some brief notes jotted down on the bus. And it’s not as though the resolutions have stopped; indeed, I’ve been making new ones daily, and improving on some old ones. For example:

Meet Percy! Isn’t his blue pot pleasing? Edmund the Ivy has been doing pretty well you see, so I thought I’d get him a friend. I’m hoping to turn Percy the Spider Plant into more plants – I love spider plants and would like to have them in a few different rooms. So we shall see…

And as for new resolutions:

August 26: resolved to keep trying new hairstyles instead of getting my hair cut. I do love having short hair, but unfortunately pixie hair is expensive to maintain so I’ve been half-heartedly growing it out. I’ve reached the mullet stage, the hardest of all growing out stages, but instead of spending money I don’t have on cutting it off, I’m going to get creative with pins. So far, I’ve been moderately successful.

August 27: resolved to update some clothes. The earlier resolution to wear all of my clothes this year and get rid of things that don’t work has been remarkably successful and actually super fun. Yes, I wear skirts to the park. Yes, I wear sequins for no reason. But in my humble opinion, sequins are always awesome and it’s silly that I wasn’t wearing them more before. Anyway, over the course of this resolution, I’ve re-discovered some clothes that just need a little nip, tuck or bow. So I went to work on Saturday and took in/up an old black dress, spruced up an old blue cardi with some new buttons, and made a new necklace out of old rings. All of this while perusing September Vogue. Super good times had by Ezmy.

I didn’t resolve to do anything new yesterday, choosing instead to re-focus on some old ones such as learning to let go of rigid schedules and to spend more time relaxing with my menfolk. I had this manicure scheduled that I’d been looking forward to but suddenly A. and Budsie looked like more fun. Also, yesterday was our one year anniversary so spending the day together seemed like a no-brainer. And in the end I’m glad I relaxed because Budsie was up all last night teething and I didn’t get any sleep. Boo.

Today’s resolution is super straightforward due to lack of sleep last night: fill the cute little pebble-shaped salt and pepper shakers on our kitchen table. I hate when I go to add pepper and there isn’t any there. Fixing that right….now. Done.

Oh yes, and I am running in the CIBC Run for the Cure, on team Tickle Me Pink. So that’s a big ol’ check mark on the list of things I want. Woot!


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