Day five – some new food required

Day five was another evening yoga session because Budsie ended up sleeping in my bed last night. Hmmm, perhaps ‘sleeping’ isn’t the right word – he didn’t actually fall asleep until around 2am. He woke up at around 11pm with nightmares, see, and then demanded to see his Daddy, who isn’t here right now. No amount of story reading or singing would get him to settle down, so he picked up his new favourite dog, ‘SauSau’ (Sausage, a rainbow-tummied Valentine’s Day dog), his teeny ‘po po’ (pillow) and toddled down to my room. Early morning yoga is impossible with a toddler sharing your bed because they wake up to the sound of grass growing. So we ‘slept-in’ until 7:30am.

But no matter. The yoga happened this evening, all 60 minutes of it and the meditation session immediately after. This is turning out to be the best way to do things, since I’m already sitting at the end of yoga anyway. Today’s efforts were placed on elongating everything – back, chest, arms, legs, you name it, I elongated it. Felt good. But near the end, I started to feel a little groggy and here’s where the next step in my path to yogarificness comes in: yoga fuel.

My diet is a mixed bag. Having completely abandoned hardcore veganism once I started breast-feeding (you gotta eat what the body wants you to eat during times like these), I’ve settled now into an odd low gluten, bit of meat here and there, boatloads of vegetables and yogurt sort of diet. Lots of water, etc. There are gaps here somewhere, though, because I simply do not feel appropriately fuelled for my practice. This evening I’d go so far as to say I felt stodgy, if a person can feel stodgy. Of course it might not be a food thing, but a timing thing. Either way, investigation is clearly in order.

So that’s tonight’s little task. I have to write a grocery list/menu for this week anyway – might as well tie in a little research on what to eat to fuel my yoga times. Can’t spend too much time here though – there’s a thesis to format (my mother’s, not my own) and sleep to be had. Any tips from my readers (I’m looking at you, lovely EH) would be greatly appreciated.




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