Day three…

Day three was almost NOT a success. I slept through my alarm, see, and fitting yoga in during the day is tricky business, between thesis-ing, meal-preparing and toddler-minding. Workouts usually occur between 6 and 7am when I am almost 100% guaranteed to have a sleeping kidlet.

So I started the day with a hmpf. But then I thought, meh, move on and stay focused – you’ll get there. So I went out to work on the thesis, came home and scoured the kitchen, made a tasty dinner for my menfolk, tucked the little dude into bed and, at 8:30pm, finally got around to yoga and meditation. Success! Also awesome? Whilst balancing in a version of triangle pose where the back leg is lifted (I don’t know the names of things), I was finally, FINALLY able to look all the way up at my upper hand. I’ve only ever been able to do this while in regular triangle pose. This will mean nothing to most of you, but I don’t care. BALANCING MILESTONE!

Right, shower and reading time. I’m feeling super good about myself today. *beams*


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