falling behind and pulling ahead

Right, so I’ve definitely fallen behind on the posting. But here’s why: I’m checking items off my ‘what I want‘ list and these things take some time. No matter, however. The point of this year’s blog theme was to get shit done. Checkity check check!

So what have I been doing? With respect to the list, I’ve been working to make sure I can stay home with Budsie for one more year (which means I’m taking any and all writing jobs I can get that pay well), I’ve been developing a close relationship with Mr. Yee, and I’ve been running my face off. The CIBC Run for the Cure was a huge success and an excellent first race for someone who has never done one before. But now I’m hooked. So I’m registering for the Girl Guides 10k Cookie Run on November 5. I figure why not? The 5k went super well and I can totally get up to 10k in the next five weeks. Plus I like the sound of doing a Cookie Run. Nom nom nom.

Other items on the list have not been as successful but no matter – I will get them. A new tattoo, for example, is just around the corner. Perhaps a Merry Xmas present for Ezmy? We shall see.

But I should get back on the resolution writing train soon. Until then, here is yet another conversation had between A. and myself at midnight in the dark. We were talking about horror movies that I hadn’t seen (which is almost all of them because horror movies are stupid and scary and lame).

A.: How about ‘Hellraiser’? Have you seen that?

Ezmy: Is that the one with the red dude who has things in his head?

A.: Well, the guy has things in his head but he isn’t red.

Ezmy: Who’s the red guy with things in his head?

A.: Hellboy.

Ezmy: Right. He’s odd looking.

A.: Yes.

Ezmy: Ok, so what’s this ‘Hellraiser’ about?

A.: Well, it’s about a guy called Pinhead.

Ezmy: Aren’t the Pinheads a band?

A.: I don’t know but ‘Pinhead’ is an evil dude.

Ezmy: Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Pinheads are a band.

A.: *sigh* That may be but ‘Pinhead’ is not a band. He’s the evil dude in ‘Hellraiser’.

Ezmy: And he has things in his head?

A.: Yes. Pins.

Ezmy: Pins like sewing pins?

A.: They’re a little more substantial than sewing pins. But yes, pins.

Ezmy: And someone gave them to him?

A.: Yes, “gave”. If by “gave” you mean subjected him to horrendous torture.

Ezmy: (who has been looking up whether or not the Pinheads are a band as she suspects they are) ‘Back to the Future’! The Pinheads are Marty’s band in ‘Back to the Future’. Man, that was going to bug me.

A.: *sigh*


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