august 25: a variety of lightbulbs

The lighting in our house sucks except for in one room – the kitchen. Plenty of light to go around in here. Or at least there was until a few months ago when the light above our kitchen table burnt out. Probably had something to do with the fact that I kept turning the damn thing on and off to make Budsie laugh. Anyway, it’s a strange sort of lightbulb, a large round ball with a skinny little base that it turns out is kind of difficult to find. But find it I must because I’m starting to go a little nutty around dinner time. I like to see my food and my dinner companions and now that the days are getting shorter (sad but true), this is getting more and more challenging.

So that’s today’s resolution: find and change the lightbulb in the kitchen. This means venturing out with Budsie and wandering through hardware stores looking like I don’t belong. Ugh.

And speaking of lightbulbs, I had one pop over my head last night. I know exactly what I want, it’s just that I’ve been assuming I can’t accomplish all of these things at the same time. But I can. I mean what’s really standing in my way? Me, that’s what. Well no more! Here is a list of what I want:

1) I want more tattoos. I love tattoos. I’ve wanted sleeves since I was, oh, 12. I would like to have two on my feet. One behind my left ear. And another on my shoulder. So why don’t I have more than one? Money. But there is no reason why I can’t put a teensy bit of money aside each month for myself and save for this little want. So by the time I’m 32, I will have at least one more tattoo.

2) I want to be excellent at yoga. I’d like to take more classes and ultimately register for the yoga teacher training course. Why haven’t I done this yet? Money. But there is no reason why I can’t improve my yoga-ing skills through regular daily practice and then when things pick up on the money front, insert one class each week. So by the time I’m 32, I will be better at yoga.

3) I want to go to karoke nights more often. I LOVE karoke but have no one to go with. Which is where you come in – calling all O-town readers: where is the best karoke in town? And would you care to join me? By the time I’m 32, I would like to have tried karoke in Ottawa at least once. But preferably several times.

4) I want to speak a second language, preferably German. Why the hell would I want to learn German when I live in O-town? Because German rocks my socks. It’s the funniest language and I find it remarkably easy. And I love listening to it. I’d also like to learn Russian. Ok, so this probably will not happen by the time I’m 32 and arguably, if I’m going to learn a second language, it should be French. But screw it – I’m learning German. What’s been stopping me? Money (do we sense a theme here…). But I have German-speaking friends, a German text book, and 2 years of classes under my belt. I can do this.

5) I want to act in a community play in Ottawa. I used to act in highschool. I’m not great. But I did love it and I would be perfect for a small two line role. I don’t even know where to start with this one but I think I’ll begin by surfing the interwebs for small theatre groups in O-town. I just want to try my hand at one little play and see if this is still something I actually find fun. Again, help from the O-town readers would be most appreciated.

6) I want to run in a race. I love running and have been trying to get out three times each week. I had hoped to run a marathon or half marathon but the time I have to dedicate to training is minimal at present. Still, I would like to run at least one race this year, even if it is just a small one. Fialonia is running in the CIBC Run for the Cure next month and I think I’m going to join her. Check!!

7) I want to be a lawyer AND a writer. I see no reason why I can’t be both. I’ve been spending the last year wondering if I made the right decision to pull my application for law school when I found out I was pregnant. I’ve decided that yes, it was the right decision because daycare would have been impossible. But I’ve also decided that I still want to be a lawyer. So I’m re-applying. But what about your little writing career, Ezmy? Again I say: there is no reason why I can’t be both. Lots of people do two things; indeed, lots of people combine two jobs they love into something unique. And so shall I.

8) Finally, I want to stay home with Budsie for one more year. Having crafted a version of stay-at-home-mum that works for me, I’m not ready to give it all up just yet. And I don’t have to, as long as I can continue to find little writing jobs here and there. So one more year with the Budsie I shall have!

There. That’s what I want. Now I’m going to go get it.



4 thoughts on “august 25: a variety of lightbulbs

  1. Would you be interested in taking stock of my life, telling me what I want exactly, and how to go about making it happen? I am one of those “lost souls” type people. You know those who have “potential” and are wasting it? That’s me! Unless of course I consider being the laundry master my true vocation. If I do, I’ve achieved master status ;)

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