october 4: dead things need to go

I love cut flowers. I know I shouldn’t – I know that they are wasteful and horrible for the environment and don’t even get me started about the human rights issues. I know that I should just buy a nice house plant that has flowers.

But I love them.

So to make myself feel better, I just don’t buy cut flowers that often. Generally only when company is coming, in a feeble attempt to cover up the ever-present diaper cream smell. And when the company leaves, well, I have flowers for a few days. Or….a few weeks. What? I hate throwing them out! Even when they start to develop the smell of death, I have a difficult time tossing them.

But I really must. Budsie is in this delightfully sweet phase where he wants to smell flowers all the time. Pictures of flowers, dandelions in fields, the paper leaves of the Shopper’s Drug Mart ‘Tree of Life”. And of course, the flowers on our dining room table. Yesterday, poor Budsie tried to smell the dining room table flowers, which were hovering on the edge of death, and they collapsed under his nose. Not one to get upset at such things, he merely picked up the petals and tried to put the flowers back together, which of course didn’t work. This caused him to give me a look that clearly said “Fix it, Mum” and, not being magic, I couldn’t. He was irritated.

Now, if Budsie had been a bit older, I suppose I could have used this as an opportunity for a nature lesson – you know, circle of life and whatnot. But he’s 16 months and that’s not really his thing. So today’s resolution: toss dead flowers, preferably when they are just dead and not several weeks dead.

Update on other resolutions: Training for the 10k is going well. Running in the fall rocks my socks. Oh. So. Much.



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