feb 27/28: ezmy resolves to…

…lose the last ten pounds that stands between her and her jeans. Oh how I miss my jeans!!

I gained just under 50 pounds during my pregnancy, surprising everyone including my midwife who was certain I’d have to work my ass off to gain twenty-five. I had no problem with this weight gain – indeed, I enjoyed it. Well, until the end of the pregnancy when my face started to look like the puffed pastries I was happily scarfing back. I lost more than half of the weight in the first 2.5 months after the baby was born, irritating more than a few mothers I happen to know. But the last twenty has been challenging, due in no small part to the fact that I suck at dieting, never having done it before. “Why diet when I could be eating croissant?” I’ve frequently thought. So ten more pounds have dropped off because of the simple fact that running around looking after an active baby burns a few calories. But the last ten are being stubborn bitches and I’ve had enough. I’m wearing all of my pre-pregnancy clothes except for my jeans and a couple of dresses that aren’t very forgiving in the mid-section. It’s the jeans I want back. I’m not sure how to go about losing these last ten pounds…cutting back on the pastry consumption might be a good start. But any tips from my fellow bloggers would be most appreciated.

Ah yes, and yesterday’s resolution: to make bacon-wrapped dates. I eat dates frequently and on the side of the container there are suggestions for how to eat my dates. I have been enjoying my dates with steel cut oats, chopped banana and soy milk, but apparently I could have been enjoying them wrapped in bacon. So for the Oscar party last night, I made bacon wrapped dates and they were most tasty. Successful resolution (that may or may not have set the next day’s resolution back a tad…)

Coming up: ezmy’s oscar wrap up!


5 thoughts on “feb 27/28: ezmy resolves to…

  1. I would resolve the same thing, but ummm…yeah. I’m just glad that my weight hasn’t increased in the past 2.5 weeks. Here’s hoping for a nice moderate 30 lb weight gain this time?

    As far as “dieting” goes the only thing that ever worked for me was banishing the unwholey grains, stock up on the veg, veggie sources of protein or lean meats and a small treat on Fridays so you don’t go crazy. Whenever you get the urge to indulge, have a cup of non-caf tea. Lots of water so you don’t get fake hungry. Using small plates works for me. Instead of two pieces of toast, have one. That sort of thing. Looks like lots on a smaller plate.

    Pastries fall into the realm of unwholey grains. Have a small one on Friday. hehe.

  2. Me too! All of my post pregnancy pants are literally falling off me, but my pre pregnancy pants are still too tight to wear in public (especially if breathing is viewed as a necessity!) I don’t want to buy any more “in between” pants, so I must lose the last 10-15 pounds soon!

  3. After my second child I had a hard time losing the last few pounds too. I ended up switching to Diet Coke, but I am a bad example that way.
    Best of luck, it’s freaking hard.

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