ezmy’s oscar wrap-up

Oscar night with the Budsie!

Note the following things:

a) I am not wearing my wedding dress – I had planned to but it was too awkward to cook apps. in. Next year though.

b) My necklace is backwards because Budsie likes to eat this one and it’s my fav. Trust me, it’s stunning.

c) Budsie is not in his Oscar finery but instead in his sleep sack. Which would suggest he is ready for bed but as you can see by his face, bed is the furthest thing from his mind at this point.

It started off as a great night. Friends AH and KM arrived, bringing with them tasty tasty nachos, beer and some sparkling wine (which I totally forgot to open! Will save for another occasion). I made up some bacon-wrapped dates, stuffed mushroom caps, and brownies. There was plenty of red wine. And while the red carpet coverage was on, we all picked our winners for each category and got settled in. We (well, certainly I) was ready to be blown away by the awesomeness that is my favourite awards show.

I feel like I should call the people who design the show/write the dialogue/choose the hosts and demand a refund of my time. What the HELL was that? Who wrote that dialogue? Dear god but that was some awkward nonsense. No one managed to make their jokes sound funny. Not even RDJr. and he’s usually pretty great that way. I was squirming in my seat, it was so bad.

And who decided that two hosts was a good idea, when last year was such an epic fail in that regard? At least last year it was two people who could bring the funny. I’m sure that Anne Hathaway is funny – indeed, I’ve seen her bring the funny at other times. And I know that James Franco is. But Baldwin and Martin know better than to drink too many cocktails before the night starts, something Hathaway clearly doesn’t know. And Franco appeared to have other things on his mind that night. Ugh.

And what was with the public school kids at the end?? I don’t watch the Oscars to see children! I watch them for the dresses and to make fun of the bad speeches. If I wanted to hear children’s choirs, I’d go to an elementary school Christmas concert or something. Grr.

In the end, I had a fantastic time with AH and KM, as I always do. And I enjoyed oogling/making fun of the dresses (what were you thinking, lady who came with Mark Ruffalo?). And I liked Colin Firth’s speech. But otherwise, worst Oscars ever. Please, for the love of whatever, bring back Jon Stewart or Billy Crystal or a comedian of some sort. And please, please, PLEASE stop hiring George Lucas (I’m convinced you did) to write the “witty” banter and hire, oh I don’t know, Tina Fey or someone who knows how to bring the funny. And no more public school children.

Oscars 2011 = Big time fail.


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