feb 26: ezmy resolves to…

…finish her wedding thank you notes before the end of March.

“Ezmy, didn’t you get married last August!? How are these thank you notes not done?” <– if either of these questions crossed your mind, kindly shut up. I have a baby and I’m not afraid to use him, both as an excuse for not getting things done and as a weapon of mass destruction against people who ask stupid, judge-y questions like this (attack of the poopy diapers!).

Ok, ok, I know they should be done by now. Here’s the thing. I’m making them so they’re taking a bit longer.

“Why on Earth are you making the thank you notes? Haven’t you enough on your plate?”

Sigh. Yes. But what happened see, is that back when I ordered the wedding invitations, I ordered twice as many as I needed because I forgot that people would be coming in pairs and families, and that not every single individual needed a wedding invite. I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re chuckling right now and that’s fine. I thought it was pretty funny too. Except the money part – that part was less funny. So now I’m digging deep into my crafty side and turning the leftover wedding invites into thank you cards, thus saving me money but not time. They look really nice though.

But enough is enough. These notes must be done by the end of March. They are currently hanging out in my upstairs living room cupboard (the notes are in a cupboard now because when they were sitting out on the table, they started openly mocking my inability to do things in a timely fashion. Jerks). And I want my cupboard back, if only to put toys inside for the kid. In order to fulfill this resolution, I have to write roughly three thank yous per day, order the photos to go inside them some time this week, and send them off by March 31st.

I can totally do this.



6 thoughts on “feb 26: ezmy resolves to…

  1. Don’t worry about it too much, seems like everyone sends there wedding thank you’s out late now-a-days. It took me about 2 months and I have a friend that is going on a year now…
    Good call using left over invites…I made all mine too…I think that also buys you some time when the recipients notice they are home made :)

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