conversations post-Long Day With Kids part 1

(A. and I have had one of those mornings with the children. Home finally, and preparing for Christmas Eve, A. is in the kitchen sampling the Santa cookies while the children nap…)

A.: “Oh yeah, tasty cookie.”

Ezmy: “Which one?”

A.: “The wingy-bang schroterplatz-y one. I don’t know! It’s just tasty.”

Ezmy: “Well I must have one.”

A.: *tosses wee xmas cookie in the air*

Ezmy: *tries to catch, misses, is hit in eye with cookie* “Oi! You threw a cookie at my eye.”

A.: “No, I threw a cookie two feet above you. You deftly deflected it into your own eye.”

Ezmy: “Pfft.” *eats tasty cookie*

I haven’t posted for a while and now we’re away for the hols. But the New Year will bring new posts. I promises.


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