So it’s been a month…

…and I will write a current post soon. But for now, here are some thoughts from the first few days in Herzliya. I warn you, they aren’t great. But the first few days of any big move are generally crap, aren’t they?

Day One: First Impressions

I was excited on arrival. We had a relatively easy pair of flights, all things considered. The kids both slept through most of the night and there were no major freak outs. We were greeted at the airport by friendly embassy folk and met more friendly folk at the house. The house itself is really quite lovely. We’ll never own a home this big, certainly, and the olive, lime and lychee trees in the back garden are just too cool. I’ll get into more house details in a future post.

I remained excited and happy throughout the day until 7pm local time when I had a total meltdown. A., thankfully, was out with Ewan, but little Eve got to witness the whole event. She was mildly amused. I’m told there will be more days like this: homesick, lost, why the fuck did we move to this place days. Awesome.

Gotta keep your eye on the prize though, Ezmy. This is good for the kids, good for you, and especially good for your husband’s career. Power on!

Day Two: Nothing Works

Not our phone, not our doorbell, not our internet. My oven speaks French. Fancy? Yes. Inconvenient? Also yes.

This evening, our community coordinator and kind soul, JL., took me to the grocery store for my first shopping experience. It was familiar and not all at once. I was immediately greeted by a display of A.’s favourite chocolate bars (win!), but could only get baking powder in tiny sachets – I’m told this is the norm (fail). It seems that Israel has not been lucky/unfortunate enough to have been taken over by big box stores. Generally speaking, I’d say that’s a great thing except I miss Bulk Barn. No more cheap baking supplies and wholesale spices for me. Boo. Also irritating is the fact that I can’t read any of the ingredients in things. But I suppose that’s further incentive to not buy as many packaged things, right? Best to be positive.

On a less happy note, Ewan wants to go home. Can’t understand why we’re here. This breaks my heart.

Day Three: What am I doing here?

I have spent the entire day upset. I do not belong here. My kids don’t belong here. GAH!

So. That was the first three days. Then I gave up writing because I was waaaaay too depressed. Then I ended up in England for two weeks (long story). And now I’ve been back for a couple of weeks and am feeling much, MUCH better about things. We’ve met some lovely people, Ewan is adjusting well, and I’m starting to get the hang of stuff. I can, for example, work my oven. :P Even better? It looks like our shipment will be here soon. THANK GOD.

Shalom for now!


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