settling in



So this is the Mediterranean. It’s a 12 minute walk from my house. 

In light of this, I really can’t complain about my new living situation. Yes, the first week was rough (read: downright awful). Yes, the thought of driving here still worries me (read: effing terrifies me). Yes, some things are still a little frustrating (read: heaps and heaps of things are still majorly effing irritating). But I find myself totally falling for this place. 

First, it’s ridiculously beautiful here. The water, the assorted palm trees, the houses – just lovely. The heat is becoming a little more tolerable – I am NOT looking forward to doing a full summer here next year – and while I miss that lovely crisp fall air of O-town, I am thoroughly enjoying being able to sit on a patio in October with a glass of wine in one hand and some knitting in the other. 

Second, they freakin’ LOVE kids here. Love them. The whole place has baby/kid fever. Everything is accommodating of children – the parks are shaded with trees and giant tents, there are gymborees and play areas EVERYWHERE, and almost every restaurant welcomes children with open arms. Budsie had to go the hospital the other day (dislocated elbow from a fall…sigh) and because he is a child, he got to go ahead of everyone. Amazing! Even at the airport. Israelis are the most impatient people I’ve ever seen and the concept of a line-up appears to be lost on them, so when the plane is boarding, everyone bustles and bumps to be the first on the plane. There is no priority seating call – it’s every person for themselves. UNLESS you have a kid. Then people shove you up front, calling out to you and reminding you that you need to go to the front of the line. “What are you doing back here?” they say, impatiently, as they clear the way for you to check in with your kiddos. Crazy and wonderful. 

Finally, BAGELS AND HUMMUS AND CHALLAH, OH MY!! While my son is less jazzed about the food here so far, I am in heaven. Cooking is a nightmare still because the kid who ate all North American food can’t wrap his head around trying new things here and I can’t get access to all of the things I need to make his favourites from back home (plus my recipe books aren’t here yet and I have a memory made of swiss cheese). But when it comes to feeding myself, say, an evening snack, holy hell I’m enjoying some tasty treats. So many tasty bagels…om nom nom nom. 

All in all, a great place to be. :D

Right, I must be off. Evelyn hasn’t been sleeping lately (le sigh) so I should probably do something productive around the house. Stay tuned for tales of the crazy parking, grocery store excursions, house mishaps, and so on. 


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