And they’re off!

Big day today. A., the kids, and myself are all moving to Herzliya, Israel for our first of hopefully many super exciting posts. So this blog goes from being an account of my humdrum life as a student in Wolfvegas to an account of my adventures overseas with my husband and kids. How did this happen?? 

I won’t write a big long post today, largely because we are heading to the airport in less than an hour. Some thoughts though on the move:

1) I’m going to miss Ottawa. Not the city so much, but the people. We have a wonderful group of friends and family here and I’m terribly upset about leaving them. We tried to see as many as possible before leaving but of course didn’t see everyone and blah. Sighs.

2) I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about moving to Israel. Adventure!

3) I am RIDICULOUSLY terrified about moving to Israel. Way out of my comfort zone. How will I manage? EEP!

4) If you ever get the chance to hire movers for your move, DO IT! Have them pack too. It was awesome. 

5) Terrified! Excited! Happy! Nervous! OMFGS!


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