6 weeks in…

So things are going super well. Lots of fun visitors, a relatively adjusted toddler, a baby who sleeps and eats well, and a husband who has been home the whole time = easy times for me.

However, three problems are lurking in the back of my head, threatening my blissful family times:

a) A. has to go back to work on Tuesday. Which means no more midday naps, no more quiet afternoon showers, no more coffee in bed while I feed the baby and A. takes care of noisy breakfast times upstairs, and no more “can you take kid #1 outside while I take my time packing up kid #2?” I’ve been spoiled for the last six weeks and I’ve effing loved it. Blerg.

b) The baby weight isn’t melting off quite as quickly as it did the last time. I suspect the donut habit I’ve developed has something to do with this. And yet I’m unwilling to forgo the donuts just now…

c) I’m moving to Israel in five months and have done shockingly little to prepare for this life-altering event.


And yet, I find myself feeling concerned for just a moment or two. After all, the sun is shining. And really, problems a), b) and c) sound more like things for Tuesday Ezmy to tackle. Present-day Ezmy is going to pop the kid in the carrier and head outside for some good ol’ vitamin D.


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