yoga challenge – i call do over!

Right, not the best lighting here, but you get the idea. Note my awesome Crowbar shirt. Crowbars are full of tasty goodness. If you are in the Halifax area, you need to make your way to the Halifax Seaport Market and pick one or a murder of these badboys up. NOM!

So what’s this about a do over? Well, here’s what happened. Everything was going swimmingly. I missed Friday somehow (slept in, had sexy AB company), but was raring to go Saturday. Until I lifted Budsie. My almost-two year old is a whopping 32lbs now, and when I went to lift him up on Saturday, he decided to throw his 32lb weight around a bit, causing me to lean forward. OUCH! It’s all better now, but yoga didn’t happen Saturday or Sunday.

Which brings me to the do over part. I wish to start fresh with my 30 days. So I’m gonna. It is my challenge after all, and as the judge of said challenge, I call do over. Jollied along by the support of friends, and a co-challenger, HF, and taking care not to lift the kidlet unless absolutely necessary, I think this time will be more successful. YAYA!

So a new Day one and Day two:

Monday, June 4: Skipped back bends section, but did a double round of sun salutations to make up for it. Feel pretty splendid, but exhausted. MUST fall asleep before midnight the night before.

Tuesday, June 5: Used today to work on ‘entering poses with conviction’. Mr. Yee is always telling me to enter each pose with conviction. This is actually harder than it sounds, particularly when moving from downward dog to, say, warrior one. But if I think carefully, and go a tad slower than I would naturally go, I can enter each pose with conviction and focus. Feels good, and challenges the brain a bit.

Focus, focus, focus.


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