Day three and four, year two

So, I’m a day behind on my updates, but things are going well.

Yesterday was one of those days. I woke up and went upstairs to do yoga at around 6am but within 10 minutes, I had given up. My heart wasn’t into it. Indeed, all I wanted to do was eat and read Vogue and lie in bed. So I went back downstairs, and crawled under the blankets to eat a bowl of Budsie’s cereal.

Fifteen minutes of rather pathetic cereal eating later, I decided that this was ridiculous. Budsie was going to be up soon, and I needed to be dressed when that happened. I also needed to snap out of it if I was going to be at all useful to my kid that day. Indeed, one of the great/difficult things about having kids is that feelings of woe-is-me-I-want-to-eat-bonbons-and-read-trash simply cannot be indulged. Someone needs to eat healthy food, someone wants to go to the park, someone wants to read stories. So I leapt out of bed, threw on some park clothes and got my ass in gear.

The rest of the day was an uphill battle – yes, yoga got done (largely thanks to the company of Fialonia). Yes, food was purchased and cooked, parktimes and popsicle fun was had, the kitchen was cleaned and the birthday cupcakes for today were made. But every single step of the day was like pulling teeth; I needed constant internal pep talks. Needless to say, I was most grateful for my bed by the end of it.

Today has been totally different. And it has gone super well – yoga, clean house, plus crazy birthday fun times with the little man. Because he’s TWO!! Unbelievable. To celebrate, we went to Starbucks for a bagel and fruit lunch, picked up some stuff for Saturday’s family fun party, went to Chapters to play with the trucks and trains and read some books, rode the bus (this is fast becoming a favourite pastime for Budsie, now that he’s stroller-free for the most part), had a french toast and vegetable and fruit lunch, a long nap (him, not me), popsicles and cucumbers with Fialonia, new book reading time, tricycle-testing fun, then mac and cheese with broccoli, and blueberry birthday cupcakes (pictured above) for dessert. Phew! Toddlers really know how to pack a day.

Right, off to bake another cake for this weekend’s family fun party. Busy busy busy…


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