(a very short) pre-The Office conversation #1

Two things to note:

1) I will have a yoga challenge progress update for you shortly.

2) I simply cannot believe that this is the first pre-The Office conversation I’ve written up, given how many times A. and I have watched the seven seasons that we own (*cough, 8 times, cough cough*). And this one isn’t even about The Office. It just happened before it.

(Scene: A. and Ezmy are in the kitchen preparing to go downstairs for a little pre-bedtime episode of The Office. This preparation almost always involves gathering together a light bedtime snack of some sort. For Ezmy, this will be steamed soy with honey. For A., this will be chocolate. Any chocolate will do…)

A.: *surveys the cupboards and locates half a bag of chocolate chips* “A ha!”

Ezmy: “You know, if you eat those I won’t be able to make you chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.”

A.: *strikes up a conversation with himself* “Hmm would you like cookies tomorrow or chocolate chips now?” “Um, yeah chocolate chips now.” “Woot.” “Wingbang.” *grins like a little kid and walks away*

Ezmy: “Hehe.”



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