Day eight…

Hmpf, this morning was only meh. I woke up just stupid tired because I stayed up too late last night. Determined to kick off the day with some blood-flowing yoga, however, I grabbed my mat and went upstairs to meet Mr. Yee.

Within about 10 minutes, I realized the difference between yoga and other forms of exercise. With running, I find I can push myself to finish the run even when I’m not really in the mood to be there. And I always feel better for it. With yoga, I can still say things to myself like “come on, Ezmy, buck up!” but you simply can’t force someone into mindfulness and calm breathing. So I did my hour, sure, but I felt resentful and grumpy most of the time. Lamesauce, as my cousin Fialonia would say.

I suppose that’s a clear sign that I need proper sleep in order to have a good yoga day. Ah well, better luck tomorrow, right? And perhaps my meditation during Budsie’s nap will go extra specially well.

In much better news, this is how my day looks today:

*breakfast fun with little man

*play with rocks and sand outside with little man

*read stories with little man

*lunch and chats with little man

*cuddles and nap time with little man


*thesis page or two


So despite having a meh yoga day, I sense things will get better quickly. Off to make a cup of coffee and say good morning to Budsie!


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