Day seven…

Day seven went by smoothly on the yoga front, not so much on the meditation front. Yes, I sat there for the required 15 minutes but I had troubles reaching a sense of calm and peace because the “landscapers” were here in full weed-whacker force. (These guys – if they spent half as much time cleaning up the cigarette butts that forever seem to be in my backyard, or weeding the flower beds as they did weed whacking and blowing grass around the parking lot, this place would look amazing. I swear they fight over who gets to wander about the property with the leaf-blower, randomly blowing things about. Sigh.)

Anyway, so the lesson of the day was learn to tune out the noise. This will take some time, I think, as I am easily brought out of concentration. Except when reading, oddly – hmmm, must figure out how to apply this skill beyond reading.

In non-yoga related stuff, I made a batch of blueberry muffins today using table cream instead of soy milk. I had leftover table cream in the fridge, see, and since we don’t really use cream for anything except the odd pasta sauce, I thought why not? Well. Now I’ll never be able to go back to vegan blueberry muffins, at least not the way I was making them before. Holy scrumptious batman!

Right, off to chill with Ewan in the park. It’s a beautiful day in O-town, folks! Get outside!


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