Day six…

So day six was not a full hour. BUT in my defence, A. telephoned part way through and since a) he is in Halifax and b) today was his gran’s funeral, I thought best to pick up the telephone.

At first, I was mildly irritated with myself for leaving the yoga until the end of the day – I baked this morning (emergency muffins and pancakes in lieu of bread), and I did work for Mum during nap time so technically I could have been yoga-ing it up during those times, thus avoiding the disruption tonight.

But then I thought, pfft. This is what practicing yoga is all about for me after all – achieving balance in my life. And balance in one’s life sometimes means taking those important calls to support a loved one, or baking muffins at 6am because your little man needs something to breakfast on and he can’t eat yoga poses.

So I still feel successful with my 40 minutes. Tomorrow is a new day – early morning yoga, thesis, park fun with the Budsie, and a spot of early housecleaning because sexy AB is coming for a visit on Thursday. I have a spare yoga mat – I wonder if I can drag her into the challenge?



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