skyrim conversation #5

Gah! So I’m back from NY. We had a grand time, loads to tell you. BUT! I’m right in the thick of a new renovation project and I have family arriving next week (LIVINGSTONES UNITE!). So you’ll have to wait until I get a spare moment tonight or tomorrow. Until then, this conversation will have to tide you over…

(Scene: A. is now married to another woman on Skyrim. I’m comfortable with this kind of open marriage, as it turns out, because I have no desire to hunt bears and dragons with A., so it’s nice that there is a fictional ladyfriend out there for him who does. That said, I’ve never seen her….)

Ezmy: *points to busty lady with disproportionately tiny waist on the screen* “Is that your wife?”

A.: “Nope.”

Ezmy: “Where’s your wifey?”

A.: “No idea. Back at my house I suppose, waiting for me.”

Ezmy: “What?! You don’t take her on adventures with you?

A.: “Well, I could take her with me, but then she might die.”

Ezmy: “Right, but wasn’t she a super cool fighter before you got married?”

A.: “Sure.”

Ezmy: “So basically, her fighting career is over now that you married her? I am shocked and appalled.”

A.: *sigh* “Look, she’s free to go places if she wants to. I just don’t invite her. I mean she could come, but it’s dangerous and she might die and where would that leave her? Dead that’s where.”

Ezmy: *ignoring A.* “…this day and age…blah blah blah…under-valued role of women…blah blah blah…”

A.: *sigh*


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