ezmy’s manhattan project

So Budsie and I have been spending our mornings doing major outings. Yesterday was Grand Central (a repeat, but I really wanted to check out the market), today was an off-the-beaten-path children’s bookstore, and tomorrow, I’m thinking Madison Square Park.

But because Budsie naps from 1ish to 3:30ish these days, there isn’t much time to do big outings in the afternoon before the dinner planning and mummy burning out fun times ensue. So I’ve decided that we will use this time to check out a new spiffy bakery/coffee shop each day. Will this be a fun and tasty project? I think so!

First on the list: a place called ‘Lucid Cafe’ which boasts some of the creamiest lattes in town. Organic and local and a mere five minute walk from the hotel. Off we go!



One thought on “ezmy’s manhattan project

  1. Hanging out at cafes is one of my favourite ways to get to know a neighbourhood. Have fun and eat a chocolate croissant for me please!

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