lady heather

The oldest of three, I’ve always felt as though both of my siblings were in fact older than me. Both are significantly funnier and wiser than I am, and both seem to have an enviable knack for getting to where they want to be in a more useful, less destructive sort of way. I’d be super jealous of them if it wasn’t for the fact that I think they are so awesome.

I mention this because my little/older sister is taking up blogging again. Feeling a tad lost since the birth of her second child, A-lo (not her real name, don’t worry), Lady Heather is setting out to tackle some of the problems that she feels hold her back from really getting the most out of life. On her blog she will look at weight issues, getting oneself financially sorted out, and just generally halting the oh-so-tempting procrastination train that seems to run through her life. She thinks the blog will be boring. I doubt it; rather, I suspect it will be inspirational. Haven’t we all had phases in our life when things just weren’t falling into place? Nice to know others face the same troubles and that they are brave enough to do something about it.

So check out Lady Heather’s blog once in awhile. She’s the bestest sister a girl could ask for and deserves all the encouragement she can get.



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