interpretive conversations with little person #2

(Scene: Ezmy and Budsie are in the bathroom, doing the post-lunch clean-up)

Budsie: “PEE!” *points to tiny toilet*

Ezmy: “Do you have to go pee?”

Budsie: “PEE! PEE!”

(Note: For the past couple of weeks, ‘PEE! PEE!’ has meant “TAKE OFF MY DIAPER SO I CAN SIT ON THE POTTY AND READ BOOKS FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES AND THEN STAND UP AND PEE ON THE FLOOR AND THEN STAMP ABOUT LIKE A CRAZY PERSON IN MY OWN URINE!” Knowing that she should encourage these little moments of independence, Ezmy remains reluctant because of the inevitable bath/spray down of the floor that will follow. However, she is also not interested in a category 4 meltdown…so, off comes the diaper.)

Budsie: *sits on tiny toilet and predictably points to his book* “Book!”

Ezmy: *hands Budsie the book* “Alright, so do you want to read and go pee?”

Budsie: *nods head and points to a dog in the book* “Gog!”

Ezmy: “Yep, that’s a dog.”

Budsie: *points to a cat* “Meeeow!”

Ezmy: “Yep that’s a cat.”

Budsie: *points to a picture of superman underwear* “DADA!”

Ezmy: *chuckles* “Um…ok, well Daddy has a superman shirt, doesn’t he.”

Budsie: “PEE!” *stands up*

Ezmy: *prepares herself for the inevitable urine floor dance* “Do you have to pee? You might want to sit dow…WAIT!?” *notices inside of tiny toilet* “YOU PEED IN THE TOILET!?!? WELL DONE, BUDSIE!”

Budsie: *peers into the toilet* “Pee?”

Ezmy: “Yes! Oh well done, sir. Well done!”

Budsie: *inspects his feet and the floor* “Pee?”

Ezmy: *almost jumping with glee* “Nope, no pee on the floor today, buddy!”

Budsie: *looks confused and mildly disappointed* “Lalalala” *dances on spot* “Pee?” *points to floor* “lalalala”


So yeah. I’m super excited and my little dude is somewhat miffed at the loss of the urine floor dance this time around. Ah well. YAYA BUDSIE!


3 thoughts on “interpretive conversations with little person #2

  1. Woo hoo Budsie! And yay for momma too! We’re going to be starting down this path very soon and I’m encouraged by your progress. Yay!!!

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