post-West Wing conversation #1

Setting: A. and Ezmy are getting ready for bed. A. is in bed, because somehow he always manages to get ready first. Ezmy is contemplating which pajamas she should wear, pink with blue cats or blue with white snowmen…

A.: “What are those things casting shadows on our ceiling?”

Ezmy: *looks up* “Dust. Those things are dust.” *curses because her attention has now been drawn to yet another thing that needs to be cleaned in this house that never seems to be clean*

A.: “Huh, I thought they might be aliens.”

Ezmy: “…”

A.: “You know, alien spores that are dormant but that one night drop down from the ceiling, crawl into our ears and change us into different people.”

Ezmy: “…!”

Note: Ezmy is terrified of things going in her ears. TERRIFIED. Once, when Ezmy was 8 years old, a horrid babysitter told her that earwigs crawl into peoples’ ears and eat their brains. And Ezmy knew this girl was lying (sort of) but somehow the thought stuck and developed into a ridiculous complex the depth of which would require years of intense psychological therapy to get rid of. A. knows this….jackass.

A.: “What? Oh right….well, maybe they change us into better versions of us!”

Ezmy: *pokes A. in ribs* “Oh. My. GOD! How the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight? What is wrong with you!?” *pokes A. repeatedly in the ribs to emphasize point*

At this point, not wishing to be poked in the ribs any longer, A. grabs both of Ezmy’s wrists in attempt to successfully rendering her defenceless. Ezmy valiantly overcomes  ultimately has to give up.

Ezmy: “I’m torn here. On the one hand, I wouldn’t want to be with you if it was that easy to break free. On the other hand, I hate that I can’t break free.”

A.: “You know what you need? Quantum cake.”

Ezmy: “Quantum cake?”

A.: “Yes, because then the cake could exist in two states and you could eat one of the cakes….” *grins*

Ezmy: “…and still have the other. Hardy har har.”


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