before I go to bed…

The following things are crossing my mind as I try (and fail) to fall asleep:

1) Why on earth aren’t there any pictures on the walls in our bedroom?? When I was living in dorms and shitty apartments, the pictures were up before the furniture (read: milk crates) was arranged. Pictures, particularly of the Brad Pitt/Kate Moss variety were a way of demonstrating how awesome I was. Or insecure. I can’t remember. Anyway, I have no pictures up in my room. I think it’s a commitment issue thing. I can commit to a husband, sure, but putting pictures up? Whoa, what if I change my mind and leave a hole in the wall?

2) *staring at closet* I never wear that flowery skirt and I should. I’m going to wear it tomorrow. I’m also going to get rid of that maroon dress. It looks like poop on me. I do not wish to look like poop so I pass it over everyday. I keep it because it was a good deal and did, at one point, fit me. No longer.

3) A.’s Pilsbury Doughboy pajama pants make me smile. I’m going to steal them.

4) *comes back to the closet* You know, I have no idea what is in that bag on the top shelf of my closet. No idea whatsoever. Could be baby clothes or wool or a collection of 16th century quills. I should really investigate that *considers standing, remembers she hates getting out of bed once already in*. Ah well, a mystery for another day.

5) My man is the cutest sleeper ever. I dare you to prove otherwise.

6) I’m totally going to eat oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. It’s going to be awesome and healthy and fulfilling.

7) Or I might make pancakes.

8) Oooh pancakes with blackberry syrup and coffee.

9) I could go for coffee right now.

10) Ohmigodgotosleepezmy! Sigh.



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