skyrim conversation #3

A.: What the fuck? It’s just a bear! I have a sword with fire!”

click click clicky click

A.: “I’m going to turn into a werewolf and kill it.”

Ezmy: “I thought you were a werewolf.”

A.: “Yes, but I have to turn into a werewolf.”

Ezmy: “Oh. So why don’t you do that all the time?”

A.: *sigh* It’s a pain in the butt, turning into a werewolf. You have to turn back and ugh.”

(long pause)

A.: “Seriously, there is the corpse of a dragon that I JUST SLAYED lying in the road behind me. But this fucking bear keeps killing me.”

Ezmy: *chuckles*

A.: “It’s not funny!”

Ezmy: “I beg to differ.”

(long pause)

A.: “Look at this. Look!” *highlights dragon corpse* “Dragon corpse. Blood dragon corpse, no less.”

Ezmy: Uh huh.

clicky click click click clicky

A.: “Oh good another fucking bear. Maybe those two can fight.”

click clicky click

A.: “Oh, oh!! Kill the goat, not me. GOAT!”

click click clicky CLICK CLICKY CLICK

A.: “Oh you have got to be kidding me…how the fuck are there so many bears here? Seriously, who ever heard of a place being thick with bears? *adopts high voice* ‘Oh I can barely see the landscape for all the bears’. Seriously! And what the fuck is a ‘Snow Bear’? That’s what they’re called. Snow Bears. And they are impossible to kill. They should be called ‘Impossible To Kill Bears’.”



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