pre-West Wing conversation #2

Setting: A. and Ezmy are about to settle into another episode of The West Wing. Ezmy is sitting on the couch with tea. A. enters the room carrying a plate laden with sriacha, pita and spicy hummus. This is one of A.’s favourite evening snacks. He places the plate on the couch alongside his iPad. His sleeping bag is sitting next to the couch. The perfect night awaits him…

A.: *frowning, still standing in front of the couch* “Hmpf.”

Ezmy: “You’re trying to figure out how to access the plate of good stuff, be in the sleeping bag and hold the iPad all at once, aren’t you?”

A.: “Well, the iPad is easy.” *moves the iPad to the back of the couch*

(long pause)

A.: “Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.”

Ezmy: “Well I was concerned.”

A.: “Aha!” *jumps into sleeping bag, places plate on lap with sriracha bottle snuggled between the couch cushions, easily accessible* “Success.”

(Ezmy presses ‘play’)

A.: “This isn’t the right episode. I fell asleep during last night’s episode, see. We need to go back to that one.”

Ezmy: “Huh. Well that one is on the other side of the disc.”

(long pause)

A.: *frowning* “Hmpf.”

(Ezmy can see the dilemma here. A. is in his sleeping bag, ready to go. He does not want to get up. But he also does not want to skip ahead to an episode he isn’t ready for yet. Ezmy could, of course, help him out by switching the disc herself. But where would the fun be in that?)

(long pause)

A.: *sigh* “Fine, I’ll switch it.”

(A. switches disc and returns to sleeping bag to re-cozy himself. Ezmy presses ‘play’)

A.: “Argh! I did see this one!”

(long pause)

(A. grumbles, gets up and switches disc again. A. then returns to couch to re-cozy himself for a third time, this time in rather dramatic fashion)

(Ezmy chuckles to herself)


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