skyrim conversation #2

A.: *muttering under his breath* “Right, so where is our other friend? He’s useless anyway…maybe he’s dead.”

clicky click click

A.: *muttering under his breath* “It’s that goddamn bear. I had to use all of my fucking potions because of that goddamn bear.”

click clicky click

A.: *muttering under his breath* “Oh, I see. So I just have to kill this guy alone, eh? Well that’s bullshit. Why am I even here? These guys were all like ‘hey let’s go!’ and now we’re here, well I’m here, and where are they? Nowhere, that’s where.”

clicky clicky clicky clicky clicky clicky CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY

A.: *muttering under his breath* “well, fuck.”

Ezmy: “so, uh, how’s it going over there?”

A.: *muttering under his breath* “You know, I feel as though there should be some reward in this room. I suspect there won’t be.”

Ezmy: “I’m sorry to hear that, dear. I still think you’re awesome.”

A.: *grumble*


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