pre-West Wing conversation #1

Scene: A. and Ezmy are heading into the living room to watch an episode from the second season of West Wing. A. has just heated up a tasty smelling bowl of Frenchie’s French Onion Soup and Ezmy is enjoying a boring old glass of water as part of her ‘no more cheesy toast before bed’ resolution. Stupid resolutions and their lack of appreciation for the joy that is late night cheesy toast.

Ezmy: *sits on couch with boring glass of water* 

A.: *about to sit on couch with tasty smelling soup* “Oooooh! I just made up a new word!”

Ezmy: “Um…what? What’s the word?”

A.: “‘Suspicionate’!”

Ezmy: “How would you spell that?”

A.: “Suspicion. And then ‘-ate’.”

Ezmy: “Of course. And how did you think of it?”

A.: “Oh, I was just thinking about words I could make up.”

Ezmy: “…”

A.: “You know, as you do.”

Ezmy: “Right, as you do.”


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