singing ‘Black Coffee’ with my boy

(singing in the car, waiting for Fialonia)

Ezmy: I’m feeling mighty lonesome, haven’t slept a wink.

Budsie: ink!

Ezmy: I walk the floor…

Budise: flo!

Ezmy: and watch the door…

Budsie: dowr!

Ezmy: and in between I drink, black coffee…

Budsie: caca!

Ezmy: Love’s a hand-me-down broom.

Budise: boom!

Ezmy: I’ll never know a Sunday, in this weekday room.

Budise: woom!

(This carried on for the entire song, Budsie shouting the words he knew along the way. The best part was the end…)

Ezmy: It’s driving me crazy…

Budise: ZEEZEE!

Ezmy: this waiting for my baby…

Budsie: BABY!!

Ezmy: to maybe come around….

Budsie: oooOOOOWWWnd!



2 thoughts on “singing ‘Black Coffee’ with my boy

  1. I didn’t even know Sarah Harmer had a version! No, I’m old school with Sarah Vaughn. I think Ella did one as well, but I don’t have it. It’s a lovely tune from the 40s.

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