barbers and binging

Financial Wizardry Effort #1: Find a good book that will help with the basics.

Here, I’ve  selected three books, all of which come highly recommended. The first is ‘The Wealthy Barber Returns” (mostly because I couldn’t find a copy of “The Wealthy Barber”). The second is “Sleep Easy Investing”. I like the tone of this one already. Actually I like the tone of most how-to-rid-yourself-of-debt-and-become-financially-savvy books. Almost all of them (correctly) assume the reader is an idiot. The third book is one of those ‘For Dummies’ books, which I would generally not be enthused about but after reading a few sections, this one seems promising. It’s called “78 Tax Tips for Canadians for Dummies” and will I think prove particularly useful when I have to do my small business taxes come April. I should note that the irony of purchasing books about saving money when one is trying to save money has not escaped me. However, my local library was lacking in this department. Such is life.

All in all, a successful first effort I’d say. Now to actually read these badboys…

In other news, I’ve eaten my son’s weight in chocolate and eggnog over the last couple of days (well, over the last couple of weeks but I’ve really hit my stride now) and can no longer get my jeans on. How the HELL is an unassuming beverage like eggnog capable of such massive physical destruction? Curses! No matter, however, as tomorrow is the first day of (Re)Train for Half Marathon fun times. I will have to go back to running around the block at first but I’ve been there before.

Finally, A. and I are re-watching the West Wing series and I would just like to say: I LOVE YOU, CJ!

That is all.


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