2012 is the year of ezmy…

…this time I’m sure of it!

Last year’s little resolution project was fairly successful. I won’t get into run-down details (these would likely bore you to tears, to say nothing of the fact that doing so would take an obscene amount of time, time much better spent on the giganto Globe and Mail crossword on the floor in front of me), but I will say this: with a 72% success rate, I managed to get a lot accomplished and learn a little about myself along the way. And isn’t that the point of these things? Of course it is.

This year, I’m shying away from daily resolutions in light of the fact that a) I have a toddler who is 100% hellbent on killing himself, b) I’m finally defending my MA thesis, c) ‘Ezmy Writes’ is getting busier (yaya!), and d) I’m planning for a big move (more on that at a later date).

So what will I be talking about? Oh the usual ramblings. But in addition to these, I’m going to dedicate this year primarily to learning more about the world of finance. Because you know what I hate? The feeling that I’m missing something in conversations about money/business/investments etc. Sure, I nod grimly during discussions about S&P (which until very recently I assumed were discussions about seasonings) and, thanks to resolutions made in 2011, I am now a budgeting genius, guiding my family towards a life free from student loan debt. But I know I could be doing better. Therefore, at least once each week, I’m going to learn something new about investments and stocks and bonds and what the hell the Dow Jones index is. I’m going to read the business section of newspapers, and not just so I can look smart at a coffee shop. I’m going to use words like ‘portfolio’ and ‘mutual funds’ and ‘futures’ and know what the hell I’m saying.

That’s the plan anyway.

For now, however, I’m going to go make a cup of tea and pick up the shiny new book I received for Christmas entitled ‘Half-Blood Blues’. Oh how I love holiday reading!


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