october 5: walk, run, wear underwear on my head

So I read this blog. It’s called Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. I’m sure you’ve seen it and if you haven’t, you simply must. This woman rocks my socks – she’s funny, sarcastic and has a similar approach to raising kids as I do: throw yourself in there, get messy, have a sense of humor, forget perfection, and remember to eat cake. Plus she draws funny pictures. Awesomeness.

Anyway, I read this blog. And today I read this post. And my heart broke. And then I got mad. Because I’m getting just a little tired of cancer getting all up in my face and hurting my family (thinking of you, Uncle Ron) and my friends and being all “Oh look at me, I’m Cancer and I hurt people”. Effing cancer. Little does cancer know, however, that I’m becoming a mean running machine and that I’ve decided to focus my running energy on raising money to kick cancer’s ass. Or at the very least, minimizing the pain of those who have it.

So that’s my resolution for today, and indeed as long as I’m able: to run, walk, wear underwear on my head, do anything I can to raise money and awareness about any type of cancer that gets in my way. Stupid cancer.


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