september 3-6: I have no title, oddly.

If anyone ever wanted to know A.’s vacation schedule, all they would have to do is look at the missing posting days on this blog. Family fun times tend to get in the way of regular posting, and rightly so I think.

They do not, however, get in the way of resolution-ing (what? It’s totally a word):

September 3: Stick to my thesis schedule, even when it’s all sunny and nice and A. is home. This was HARD but I was successful. I’m so close to getting this bad boy out of the way, I can taste it…

September 4: Try new beer. This is kind of silly, but I do have a tendency to just go for good ol’ standbys like Guinness and Kilkenny because I hate when I accidentally pick up beers I don’t like. But on Sunday I found a basket at the LCBO full of odd singles and I thought, why not? I grabbed two Harp, which I think I’ve had once but don’t remember, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

September 5: Map and run a 5km in order to practice for the CIBC Run for the Cure. This was moderately successful, disappointing and surprising. The successful part: I did map the run and made it through 4 km. The disappointing part: this time 2 years ago, I was running 6km easily most mornings. The surprising part: after only a few weeks of getting back into this, I was able to do the 4km. The body does remember, it would seem.

And today? Well today is all about fixing things. Namely the screen in our living room, which Budsie decided was simply impeding his efforts to catapult himself out of the living room into the yard below. One mum heart attack later, and the window is now locked with no screen on it. But I would like to be able to open it again so the screen will be reattached today, by moi, using some sort of industrial strength glue. And then I will spend the next two years worrying about it anyway. Sigh.

Oh yes, and speaking of the Budsie: he walks! Well, sort of. He takes three or four steps and then crashes. Hilarious to watch. Hilarious and frightening…



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