september 1/2: just say no to frozen edamame

Busy, busy, busy. I’ll make this quick as I must head off and write yet another blog post for yet another blog. I’m certainly not complaining but man alive, I’m going to be happy to relax soon (fingers crossed for Monday).

Yesterday’s resolution was to try new frozen vegetables. Generally a fan of fresh veggies, I’ve been finding myself a tad pressed for time and popping a handful of frozen peas in the microwave makes for a quick and easy snack for my little man. I have things perfectly timed so that while the peas are nuking, I can unload the dishwasher and Budsie can polish off a cup of milk. Good timing = a mother’s best friend. But in an effort to up my own veggie intake, I thought that perhaps I should be nuking something for myself as well. We all know that I hate peas with the passion of one thousand burning suns so I opted for something just as snack-like: frozen shelled edamame…


I love vegetables. LOVE them. But these were gross gross gross. And Budsie won’t eat them either. Which is saying something because that kid will eat just about anything, including squirrel poo. Back to crispy raw green beans for me, thank you very much.

Today’s resolution? To fix the lights in our bathroom, half of which are burnt out. I was unsuccessful with this as Budsie decided to forgo his morning nap and I had a mountain of work to get through. No matter, I’ll get to this tomorrow.

On an unrelated note, here’s another sample conversation between A. and I that transpired while I did some research last night:

A.: *insert whispered tirade of angry four letter words* “Look at this guy! He’s fucking enormous!”

Me: *looks up from research* He is, yes. And he has a gun for an arm.

A.: “Right? How the hell am I supposed to kill him?”

Me: “Well, can you get a gun arm? It seems to me that a gun arm is your only hope here.”

A.: *sigh* “No, I can’t just get a gun arm.”

Me: “I’m no expert, but I think you’re going to need a gun arm.”

A.: *insert whispered tirade of angry four letter words*


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