august 4: ezmy deluxe

(Technically, I did this resolution yesterday but I’m applying it to today because I have a crazy amount of housework to do and a banana bread to bake. Nom!)

As I’ve noted before, I have this small stack of gift cards left over from when I was pregnant/with newborn and unable to shop/leave my house. I have cards for boots (so excited for fall), clothes, coffee, hair products and most importantly: spa services.

I’m terrible at booking spa services of any kind because I can never decide if I should go when I need a break from life or if I should wait until a special occasion. Take the mani/pedi pack that A. gave me for xmas for example. Some days I just want to go in and get these done because I’m feeling blue or poor or both and this stuff picks me up. But then I wonder if I shouldn’t wait until we have a wedding or special dinner to go to…sigh.

Well I’m done with waiting on this one. And it just so happens that I now have two, yes TWO manicures to book. AND I have a wedding anniversary (mine – gasp!) and a wedding to go to in the near future. Perfect. Today’s (well double yesterday’s) resolution: book me some spa time. Deluxe manicure at one place and a French mani/pedi at the other. I’m also booking our anniversary dinner. An afternoon of feeling pretty fancy on the phone, that’s for sure. I suppose a truly fancy person would have an assistant book the appointments but Budsie isn’t good with the phone just yet.

Off now to enjoy some coffee and to answer the following question: does sitting on the couch thinking about doing laundry actually get the laundry done? Sadly, I suspect not.





One thought on “august 4: ezmy deluxe

  1. loves it! i got a pedicure a couple weeks ago and my toes are still fancy. and by fancy i mean not the horrible mess that i usually make when i try to paint my toes. i’ve decided pedicures are something that must happen more frequently in my life.

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