august 3: pins and cake

Another shout out (dear g*d but August is a busy month). This one goes out to my Mum – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We’re going to celebrate with handsome men and cake. The best way to celebrate a 54th birthday, in my humble opinion.

A couple of years ago, whilst travelling with A., my Visa expired and a new one was sent to my door. A new one with a chip thingy. “Nifty!” I remember thinking. I popped the card into my wallet and went to Scotland. While in Scotland at some fancy pants castle, I decided to purchase a small souvenir. Using my Visa because I was running out of euros and wasn’t going to be near an exchange place for sometime. Alas, my pin would not work. Argh. I tried three times and then of course was locked out of my card. Curses! Making a mental note to deal with this when I got home, I paid with cash and carried on.

And totally forgot to fix the problem.

See, I don’t really use my credit cards. Having barely survived the mountain of consumer debt left over from my early twenties, I now avoid using credit whenever possible. Credit cards are reserved for wedding registries, online baby product shopping (bring good cloth diapers to O-town damnit!) and plane tickets. And even when I do use a card, I don’t use this particular Visa as there are no perks to doing so. So for two years I totally forgot about this card. It was tucked away in my wallet behind my primary credit card until yesterday when I received a letter from the bank informing me that there was a credit on this card and inquiring about my general well being. Huh. Money just sitting there? Well that seems ridiculous especially when there are sensible things like groceries to be purchased (or awesome things like a small bottle of Prada…).

So today’s resolution? Figure out what went wrong with my pin for the chip thingy. And then buy perfu…I mean groceries.

On an unrelated note, check out this cuteness. Gah!


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