august 5: a plethora of media cards

In my efforts to organize cupboards and rid this house of junk it does not need, I’ve been coming across strange collections of things I didn’t even know we had. Eight flashlights, for example. Who needs eight flashlights? Three gluesticks and we don’t use glue. Four – FOUR – rolls of permanent double-sided Scotch tape (no regular tape though. Nope, that would make sense). And the most recent find? Seven media cards for cameras. We own one camera and one video camera that has never been charged. How on earth we ended up with seven of these badboys, I’ll never know. And some of them suck too. I mean why bother having a card with 512 MB when one also has a card with 4 GB? Silliness.

I was just about to toss them into the Salvation Army bin, however, when I realized something. Do I even know what pictures are on here? A. and I usually put all pictures directly on the computer but what if we forgot? And what if there are…Picture pictures on these? Incriminating shots and whatnot? I mean, I’ve taken my camera to dance clubs and other such places and then there was that crazy drunk night in Karlsbad…yeah. So today’s resolution? Clear the photos off of these cards and then send most of them on their merry way.

Oh yes and in other news, ‘A is for Alsace‘ is up and running again. Go there, have a read, tweet it, and please comment! Every little bit helps – let’s keep this blog alive!


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