august 2: brookalicious batteries

Right so first thing’s first: CONGRATULATIONS to Brookalicious on her engagement. This is a woman who in my opinion has suffered far too much in the way of personal tragedies over the last few years and deserves not only a break, but a crazy amount of happiness as well. So very thrilled for this lovely lady.

Today’s resolution is another short but necessary one. Watch batteries. No one likes doing it, but they’ve got to be changed every so often and A.’s watch has been sitting batteryless for about a month now. Time to get on it! Today’s resolution: head off in search of someone who can change this battery. And while I’m at it, there’s no harm in taking Budsie to visit the kittens and puppies at the petshop, right? Right.

Update on previous resolutions: I thought I had plugged in the video camera for charging but it turns out I was not using the correct charger. Le sigh. Now I must find the correct charger, which if I know me is in a neatly labelled box at the bottom of our organized-but-piled-to-the-rafters storage closet. Le grand sigh.





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