august 1: 53 is the new 35. Or something like that…

Today is my dad’s birthday. He is fifty-three, although you’d certainly never know it. He’ll be thirty-five forever, I think. But yes, fifty-three! Impossible. I can vividly remember the day he turned twenty-nine. Crazy. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad! I hope your day is full of golf, steaks and excellent wine. xo

In other news, I have a sore throat today so I’m not super into my resolution project. Hmmm…what to try to change/remember to do…ah ha! How about this? Today’s resolution is to charge our video camera so that I’m not always taking videos of Budsie on my phone. Not that these videos don’t turn out just fine, but video camera videos would probably be better. Besides, A.’s folks gave us this spiffy piece of equipment so we should use it.

*plugs in camera*

Success! Right, now I’m off to relax with some coffee and a good book (‘The Zahir’ by Paulo Coelho) while Budsie naps.

Update on previous resolutions: there is no longer a black cloak on my tub. Also, Special Saturday breakfasts are coming along nicely. However, I now know why people rarely put strawberries in pancakes – they suck at pancake-ing. They suck all around in my extremely-biased-allergic-to-strawberries opinion, but they really suck at pancake-ing. Ah well, Budsie was still happy even though his pancakes looked more like mangled dough patties.


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