july 12: patio season

At my last apartment there was an enormous balcony off of the living room. I loved this balcony and spent obscene amounts of time writing and reading on it. I miss this balcony oh so much. *sighs wistfully*

Our current house has a teensy deck with a few stairs leading down to the postage stamp backyard. It is currently home to a recycling bin (which should be under it…oops), an Afghan rug, a sad set of patio furniture and an even sadder little birdseed bell (totally would have hung this but still haven’t figured out how…I suspect I’m going to have to give up and toss this little guy).

A little pathetic, isn’t it?

Today’s resolution: clean off this deck and ready it for patio season. In this crazy Ontario heat, one really must have a patio on which to sip cool beverages while the kid plays in the kiddie pool. This patio is the shadiest place in town, which during the summer months makes it the bestest place in town. The furniture doesn’t fit though so I’m officially on the look out for a small second hand table and two chairs for our teensy patio. I’m having visions of A. and I drinking beer and playing cards outside after Budsie goes to sleep. These visions must become reality!


One thought on “july 12: patio season

  1. Our patio is a bit bigger but the 2 foot drop to the ground is a bit of a problem. Our task is to build steps – who constructs a home with no back step? Yeesh…

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