july 13: happy birthday fialonia

A pair of sexy ladies, no? That’s a picture of me and the lovely Fialonia, my dear cousin who lived with me while A. was off gallivanting about K-town. It was a wicked good year full of crazy dinner experiments, long study nights, wine, candy runs to 7-11 a la residence days, dancing, wine, and disgustingly early morning runs. And wine. Fialonia saved my ass from sinking into the depths of despair on a number of occasions and for that I am eternally grateful.

Today is Fialonia’s birthday. Fialonia is the first cousin who I remember being born. I was almost 7 and I was so so so excited about a new baby, particularly given that my mother’s baby train appeared to have ended. A couple of months after she was born, I got to fly down by myself to see her. I still remember being thrilled about ordering 7-up on the plane because there was no one around to tell me not too. And I remember that she was soooo teeny and cute. Gah!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIALONIA! You are the bestest. xox

On the resolution front, I totally didn’t get to the deck yesterday because I decided to re-arrange our kitchen cupboards instead. No more will I be attacked by pencil cups, phone books, Tupperware or pot lids that are desperate to leave their cupboard. So let’s say that today’s resolution is the deck and yesterday’s was the cupboards, shall we? Excellent.



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