june 24/25/26:

Well, clearly the posting resolution hasn’t been going as well as some of the others. Ah well. So I start with a quicky update:

Resolution for June 24: start a Friday night pizza tradition. When I was a kid, the Fabulous Four (group of cousins, which includes Fialonia) had a Friday night pizza tradition and I remember thinking that this was SO cool. So I’m going to do the same. Plus making pizza is super easy and the crust freezes well. This week we had an oregano-spiced crust with fried zucchini, mushrooms, fresh basil and extra old cheddar. Deeeelightful and relatively fructose free!

Resolution for June 25: Originally, it was to set up Budsie’s kiddie pool. But the weather was poopy and I was tired from going out the night before. Man, Present Day Ezmy cannot party like 19 year old Ezmy. Or 25 year old Ezmy, for that matter. Lame. Anyway, I ultimately resolved to eat peas. WHY!? Why do I do this stuff to myself? The thing is, Budsie and A. like peas and sometimes I just don’t want to cook two different greens and well, there were peas in the freezer and I needed to add something to the shells and cheese so….blech. Dinner ruined.

Today was supposed to be sunny. My iPhone lied to me. Ok, so it did get sunny but not until after I needed it to be. Sigh. So I decided to make today’s resolution tackling the bathroom cupboard. Sometimes my life is so exciting that I don’t even know how I stand it. Whatever, it needed to be done. We used to have Budsie’s changing station with diapers and whatnot set up in there and the cupboard still had a distinct ‘I used to house a bin for diapers’ smell to it. Now it smells like fake green apples.

Hmm I was going to write more, but I’m feeling kind of sleepy. Yep, it takes two days to recover from one night out. Pa-the-tic.




One thought on “june 24/25/26:

  1. OMG…I should totally revive Friday Pizza Night as well. And maybe have a little dance party after…although I may be the only person dancing…

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