june 23: more memory making

A quick post because frankly, I’m exhausted with writing today. It’s been a long day – up at 5:30am for some unknown reason, couldn’t get back to sleep, went for a run (win!), cleaned the house, dealt with my first mini temper tantrum from the kid (fail), wrote wrote wrote, and then tried to attend a work lunch party of A.’s (epic fail on my part as am too tired from the morning). Blech. So I’m going to go read Vogue and snooze for the ten minutes that Budsie might allow. Yawn!

But I will write this much: today’s resolution is to make a plaster hand print of Budsie’s little mitt with a kit that we received from my Aunt S. We’ve had it for a year and it’s high time. Besides, I’m simply not in the mood to do much more than this. The lack of sugar in my life has caused me to suffer some pretty major withdrawal headaches and this makes me a generally icky and lazy individual. I’m told this will improve – I hope so.

God, I’m boring myself just writing this. I hope you aren’t still reading. Until tomorrow!


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