june 27: safety first and all that jazz

I started this post thinking that I would take pictures as I went along. The resolution for today is to safe-i-fy this house. Check the smoke detector, research carbon monoxide detectors, attach cupboard thingamabobs so that the kid doesn’t drink BioLife fake apple smelling cleaner or eat an entire box of baking soda or what have you. I was thinking pictures of the thingamabob attaching would be amusing but when I went to attach them, I realized that my little screw driver isn’t really up to the task. I needs me a drill! I’m going to rent one but that is the next house purchase for sure. Ezmy + Powerdrill = awesome. And danger. But mostly awesome.

So I’m just checking the smoke detectors and gathering up info for carbon monoxide detectors and how to build a survival kit for emergencies and such. Boring resolution. Pictures of fun things tomorrow perhaps.

Update on previous resolutions: Epic fail with the handprint kit. Entirely my fault. Forgetting that plaster, you know, sets, I mixed it for too long and before I even got Budsie’s hand in, the damn thing had set. So now I have a lovely tin filled with plaster memories of the air. Sigh. I’m keeping it anyways though. I think Budsie will appreciate that I tried. And probably laugh at my attempt. Or sigh…silly mummy.


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