june 22: time to polish the pearly off-whites

Overall, I’d say I’m not that bad about going to the dentist. I usually get there about once every 1 1/2 years – not great, but not the worst either. When I left home, I decided that I didn’t need the dentist anymore and didn’t go back until I was 23 and then not again until I was 26. Needless to say, both trips were rather unpleasant. That’s the thing about the dentist – the longer you wait, the worse it likely will be, and then the more you don’t want to go, and then you put it off some more, and so on. People are funny.

I have pretty lame teeth, I’d say. My current dentist disagrees and I guess he knows better, but I’ve always hated them. First, white they are not (thank you, fifteen years of on and off smoking). Second, they are ridiculously crooked because my jackass childhood dentist thought it would be a great idea to remove half of my teeth rather than put me through two years of braces. Now whenever I go to a new dentist, they look in my mouth and ask “where did all of your teeth go?” and shake their heads. Sigh. Oh and I have receding gum on one tooth, due to an ill-advised but oh-so-cool labret piercing that I still miss. Yep, a mouth model I am not. Still, it could be worse. I know a couple of lovely ladies who have gone through terrible teeth problems – jaw surgery and the like – so I suppose I should be thankful for my simply crooked yellow gems.

Anyway, it’s been about a year and the dentist is calling (and I’m assuming sending reminder postcards but I don’t know – please come back Postal people!). So today’s resolution: return his call and make appointments for the whole family. Dentisty good times for all.

In other news, this limited coffee drinking is *gasp* working. I am certainly not able to go the whole day without one cup. But spearmint tea has been a fantastic replacement for the early morning cup, leaving me to enjoy hot coffee while writing when Budsie goes down for a nap. More to the point, drinking spearmint tea first thing prevents me from wanting to eat my own hand due to caffeine withdrawal the whole time leading up to his nap. Healthy.


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