june 21: hello Summer, good bye Kozy Shack

I love Kozy Shack rice pudding. Love it. It falls under the category of Foods I Eat Even When I’m At My Most Vegan (which includes cheese at parties, sushi at parties, and yogurt anytime). When I was meeting up with A. all around the world two years ago, I discovered travel cups of Kozy Shack – OMG so good. It’s just the tastiest little dessert a girl could ask for.

But here’s the thing about Kozy Shack – one serving has 14 grams of sugar. And do you think I ever actually stick to one serving? I mean come on, it’s Kozy Shack! Sigh. It really needs to be a once in a blue moon treat. But that also means I need something to replace it. I do not have fond memories of rice pudding as a child, probably because my mother was sensible and didn’t put 12 pounds of sugar in hers. Still, I think I could make my own and have it taste at least ok, which would go a long way to helping me with my inevitable Kozy Shack withdrawal. One serving of the recipe I’ve cobbled together has 4 grams of sugar. Oh and no “natural flavours” A clear winner, health wise. So that’s today’s resolution: make good homemade rice pudding. So long, Kozy Shack. I’ll see you during my next international flight, I promise.

Update on previous resolutions: “Great Expectations” is just not happening. Maybe I’ll try again some other time. Blech. On to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.”


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