june 20: gadzooks! Well, I guess it’s time for this one then.

Completely off topic, but does anyone else missing getting the mail? I mean, I rarely get exciting things in the mail but the daily anticipation is important to me. After all, I might get something exciting. Who knows? Come back to work postal people!

Anyway, let’s get right down to it shall we? Today’s resolution: remember to click “post” for all of the my damn resolution posts. So that I’m not three billion years behind and writing novels in order to catch up. Yeesh.

I’m not even going to bother posting the drafts. A quick run down will suffice, methinks:

June 15: Resolved to be happy for Boston if they won. Which they did. And I wasn’t.

June 16: Resolved to start hanging out in the backyard more (this actually kicked off a few days before but really got going on the 16th). We never went out there last year…I’m not sure why. But look at how happy it makes Budsie:

June 17: Resolved to return the stuff that Fialonia was storing at our place to her. Because I have the car right now and might as well right? Well, I packed it all up, put it by the front door and promptly forgot about it. Until today! But hey it’s done so whatever (Update: totally forgot to give her back her baking stuff. Perhaps my subconscious at work? Hmmm).

June 18: Resolved to get a garden hose. Simple enough but for some reason I keep forgetting to do this when I go to the hardware store which is never. Success! I purchased a green garden hose that looks exactly the same as the green garden hose of my youth. Memories of sprinklers and kiddie pools. *beams*

June 19: Resolved to make A.’s Father’s Day super special. I think this was a success. First, I picked up the charcoal bbq that we’ve been meaning to get with our Home Depot gift card. Then I got him some spiffy bbq accessories – skewers, tongs, flipper, charcoal chimney starter, etc. I also purchased some fancy steaks AND tasty breakfast sausages. A. is a pretty good sport about being vegan/vegetarian for 90% of his diet, so a day of meat products was clearly in order. Finally, I made it sunny. Ok, I totally had nothing to do with that but I did think good sun thoughts and things worked out. It was a very nice day.

Oh and an update on previous resolutions: the vegetable tracker revealed that I average about 5 servings of vegetables and fruit each day. Which ain’t bad but it ain’t great either. So I’m going to restart it today and shoot for 7, the daily recommended amount. So far, I’ve eaten…5. Damn it. The fructose limited existence is going ok. Even with baking, there is significantly less bread in my life which makes me sad. And my stomach feels better which makes me sadder. It’s bittersweet, all of this. Bittersweet. The coffee reduction is also going well, strangely enough. Peppermint tea rocks my socks.

Oh yes! And you should all be checking out A is for Alsace, my shiny new blog with Winefox. Weekly updates on my adventures in learning about wine. Click on it often, comment heaps, and tweet the heck out of it. Please. :)


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